Round up of formulated value

i need to round up the following formula
SUM({Screen Area:}/result)
what i require is any value between 0 to 0.49 to be 0.5 and any value to be between 0.5 and 1 to be 1
and so on up .

so were constantly rounding up by the nearest 0.5

Iā€™m not sure that I understand your formula, but you could take its result and plug it in to this. Way less elegant than I hoped I could put together quickly. Someone else might come along and really embarrass me :slight_smile:

Your formula or field name = YFF


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thanks for your help and perhaps you can have a look at this again , for me
below is what your formula gives me and i have inserted a manual column of what i hope to get . can you have a look at this again please

Check the formatting tab in the formula field to make sure it is set to decimal with the correct number of places.

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