Row Get Data/ Update Problem

Hey, I have a strange problem, I’ll point out that I already have several bases and everything works as it should. I created a new one and the problem is that I have almost 300 rows, there are about 10, I cannot read the data in the application where the remaining 290 have no problem, in addition, I have 4 rows where I cannot update them, has someone had this problem?

Welcome to the community, @Calafalass! :smiley: I haven’t seen this problem before. Does it persist if you restart your browser (or the app if you’re using the desktop app version of Airtable)? You might need to contact Airtable support directly about this.

I found a problem and a solution I do not know why, but I can read the row up to the ditch number 100, each next one does not get data, fortunately, loading whole columns did the trick.

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