Row Height Options for Title Row Bar

I’d like to request that the row height for the TITLE bar row be expandable. I know the ROW Heights are changeable but not the Title row. The reason is often we have to have more info/text in the title bar than will be in the filled data. For example, I have a title for a column that is “Contract Fully Executed” and the fillable data is a date which is much less text (less wide). In order to consolidate the data in the view if the TITLE bar was 2-3 rows then the text could be stacked, and the column could be less wide so more columns could fit on the page. We have bases with MANY columns so would greatly help with a more consolidated view. Thank you for considering!

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This is my #1 complaint about the user interface, and all of my clients agree that this is their biggest nightmare when using Airtable.

Sadly, the Airtable Team ignores most user requests — including this one — which is why they have an increasingly dissatisfied user base that will eventually move on to other platforms.

The best you can do is email to voice your concerns about this issue. Their support team will respond with a canned response & then trash your email afterwards, but at least you’ve added your voice to the uncountable number of people who need this.

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@ScottWorld thank you. I have submitted an email to the Airtable Support Team. Hopefully it will help push the needle.

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