Rows of text need to be linked together

I have used concatenate to aggregate the information I need from each row into one column
That particular column in multiple rows need to be combined into one (for lack of a better term) paragraph
I have the information I need (several rows of each) grouped for each part number
I go to link them and I have to manually select each one
How do I select several? Like I want to auto-select all the ones in this group or by that part number sort of thing.

It looks kinda’ like this (but with wayyyy more lines information for most of the parts:)
XL27 1pc Part Description
XL27 1pc Part Electrical Info
XL27 1pc Warranty Info
PA-6725 4ea Part Description
PA-6725 4ea Part Electrical Info
PA-6725 4ea Warranty Info
PA-6725 4ea Rebate Info
VC67A 1lt Part Description
E98CW 7ea Part Description
E98CW 7ea Electrical Info
E98CW 7ea Special Shipping Terms
E98CW 7ea Warranty Info
E98CW 7ea Rebate Info

So right now when I go to link, I go to the first line of that part number in a new column and manually select each attribute. I may as well copy/paste! There has to be an easier way…

Thank you all for being so helpful to everyone!!!

Welcome to the community, @Getami! :smiley: Sorry that this wasn’t addressed sooner. Looking at your description, I’m not sure that I have a clear picture of the setup of your base. Let me take a small piece to see if I understand:

Are you saying that for these three lines, for example, your base is set up something like this, with one record for each listed line in your example?


If so, I strongly suggest reconsidering your data model. Because you have several data points that you want to track for each part, those points would be better represented as fields, like this (using several parts for this example):

If I’m misunderstanding your setup, could you please describe it in greater detail? If possible, could you include a screenshot or two of your table(s)?

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