Run a script that sets single-select to pre-determined value

I have a button that I would like to trigger two tasks:

1 - trigger a webhook that passed the data to zapier (done)
2 - automatically update the value of a single select field to ‘true’

While the webhook script runs when I click the button, it seems that the other script I am using (to update the single-select) wants to take in a user input every time and it does not run automatically.

Is there a simple way to set the value of a single-select field automatically to true without me having to specific the field and the value every time with a script?

Since you didn’t provide the script, here’s the most basic way to update a single select field:

await table.updateRecordAsync(recordID, {
  "Single Select Field": {name: "true"}
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Thank you @Kamille_Parks! That worked!

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