Safari autofill login prompt in select menus


I recently started having this issue in Safari where select option fields are causing autofill login prompt to appear. I’ll have to look into it but I was wondering if anyone else has come across this too?


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I have not experienced that, but I do not use iCloud Keychain. That would be really annoying… so annoying in fact, that I’d suggest passing that along as a bug or something to Airtable. It may not be an issue on their end, but they could at least try to figure out what front-end mechanics are triggering it, and if something needed to be passed along to Apple, Airtable would have more clout to report that issue than a single user would.


Correct, it is a Safari/keychain related issue. There are some configs for Autofill but still is a problem. The escape key dismisses it but it is definitely annoying and i’m not sure why it has started suddenly and not an issue before (I have been using this Apple feature for a long time).


I’m guessing it is related to the Safari updates released in 10.14.4 Mojave.

Is it doing this in ALL of your Single/Multi Select fields, or just particular ones? I wonder if the names of your fields have anything to do with it?


I am having this same issue, but I can’t find a pattern with it. It only happens in some fields in some bases, some of the time. Rather than a password, though, it’s trying to auto-fill credit card information. :grimacing: I contacted Airtable Support about it and they said it was likely on Apple’s end. Very frustrating!

EDIT: @Jeremy_Oglesby just thought I’d throw this out there too - I’m using macOS High Sierra (10.13.6)

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There have been recent updates only to Safari as well… perhaps on of those did it?

Have you guys been experiencing this for a while, or is it recent?


For me, it started about a month ago. It happens not only when I try to edit a field value, but sometimes when I’m editing the name of the field as well.