Sales Force Lightening Experience - Report Type Version

Hi Team,
As we are considering Airtable for our internal teams, Wanted to know if Airtable supports Sales force Lightening Experience (as to the old version Classic) report type(as to object type) data integration to make dashboards in Airtable?


Um, no. Not even maybe. Just no.

BTW - it’s “Sales Force Lightning” (no “e” in there). In any case, there are ways to mimic some of the capabilities of Lightning, but overall, there are many requirements that Airtable doesn’t currently possess and for which Sales Force has done a fairly good job of laying the foundation for vast extensibility. For example…

  • One could argue that code-backed “components” are possible with Custom Blocks, but the development environment and process in Sales Force is starkly different from that which you must undertake in Airtable. Lightning components in Sales Force are based on script that can be deployed in minutes as late-binding services. Airtable requires a React development model and most Airtable users do not have the skills to engage in such activities. Apps built with React are early-binding compilations that are not easily modified or extended by users or other developers.
  • Ready-made components do exist in Airtable, but it is a very limited collection, most of which have nearly zero capability to be configured or extended.
  • Unlike Lightning, there is no “app store” or component market that encourages the expansion of support for extensions.
  • Airtable’s Script Blocks and Script Actions are late-binding components that can be quickly developed and deployed. This is the closest correlary to Lightning components, but they lack the UI capabilities that are possible in Lightning components.

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