Salesforce Opportunity Sync Needed


I’m looking for a way to sync Salesforce Opportunities to an airtable. Create new opps in Airtable if they don’t exist…update ones that do.

The zapier integrations appear to only update when a stage is changed to a specific value, and creating a separate zap for each stage seems to be a bad approach.

I’m playing with Integromat now, and it seems to have what I need - but when I use the function to search the Airtable for records…Integromat locks up.

The goal would be to update airtable whenever a new opportunity is created or updated in SFDC.

Has anyone seen this done or have any recommendations?


Hi Skip, we haven’t done that exact use case but have done similar for other CRMs using our connector for zapier:

Ping me if you want more details:



Hi Skip

When you say ‘locks up’ do you mean during design of the Scenario? If so just wait for 5 mins and then continue. Actually running the scenario won’t be a problem.

Airtable and Integromat need to sort this out!!


Hi Julian

Thanks for the reply. It is during the design of the scenario…but it only happens when I use the “search airtable” function. When I use the ‘add row’ or ‘update row’, I do sometimes get that ‘wait for 5 mins message’…

But on the ‘search airtable’ — it just spins, that menu that says ‘wait for 5 minutes’ never comes up.

I’ve had it actually work maybe twice where it does indeed pull up the options for that, but I’ve tried it at least 50 times now.

Thanks again - as I understand it, it’s just a limit of the API that Airtable makes available.

And I’m with you in hopes that Airtable can advance their public API.


Not done with airtable but I am done something similar
ping me for more details