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Hey all! I run a philanthropy/product brand in Montreal Canada. I have recently been using Airtable to build-out bases that correspond to different functional units of my company. The only thing missing for us is a task manager. I know there are simple to-do list templates offered by Airtable but none of them are having similar logging functions to Salesforce’s task management. I was hoping to create a task manager that can log tasks, notes, a specific contact from our CRM, and most importantly a date-log. I would like to be able to assign future dates to certain tasks so that when my employees and I come into work every day we can just look at “today’s tasks”. This would also be useful to view in an “upcoming tasks” and “past due tasks” view.

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi @Hilel_Lev, and welcome to the community!

You need to chat with @openside (Dan) - he has deep experience with Salesforce and Airtable and may have exactly the tools you need to advance your envisioned CRM solution.

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