Sample ‘ dummy data across linked tables


If I have multiple client projects that use the same structure, is there a way to duplicate or import the starting data so I have all the project tasks and milestones set up for each new client.
It is annoying if I have to create everything from scratch for each new client.

  1. Make a new base with all the table/field configurations
  2. Add in a couple records to it with your dummy text, export this data as a .csv just in case
  3. When you get a new client, duplicate your starter base
  4. Rename your duplicated base for your new client. Your table configurations should already be set.


Thanks Kamille,

However, I maybe wasn’t really clear in my description.

I don’t want a database for each new client, I want them all in one base, so I don’t think this method will help.




In that case, I don’t think so using Airtable-only functions. You would need to make a Zapier integration that will duplicate task records in Table B every time a new client is added to Table A.


Your idea of the CSV file makes me wonder if I can do a less automated route. I can still copy and paste things in from a csv file - I’d still need to link manually but wouldn’t have to retype everything.