Sarching multiple tables to summarise results

Hi there,

Noobie here looking to get up to speed with Airtable.

My first primary use case is a business one. We work with a number of partners, who each have a target list of brands that they are looking to work with. A lot of these brands will overlap between partners (i.e. two or three partners may well be competing for the same brand as a client win.)

What I want to be able to do is import all of these target lists into various tables - and then perform a VLOOKUP (for want of a better term) in a summary table to so that our team members are able to search for a particicular brand and then see which partners are looking to win the business.

From what I can tell Lookup fields are what I want to be using, but having gone videos and various FAQ articles, I’m still not quite sure how I would need to set that kind of functionality up in Airtable.

Is anyone able to help out at all?

Thanks very much in advance!

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