Save an airtable shared with me


I currently don’t use Airtable for my own workflow, but other dept share their Airtable with me, which I sort in specific ways to view how I need. I created an Airtable account with the hope to view these Airtables in the same place and also maintain the sorting/grouping/filtering so I don’t have to do it every time I click the bookmarked link.

At the moment, all these links have the ‘sign up’ link in the top right corner, but when I click it it goes to my dashboard/home page. From there I don’t see any reference to those Airtables. Anyone know how to link these?

Welcome to the community, Manuel! :smiley: If you want to have access in your own workspace to a base (not an Airtable; Airtable is the app name, while the things inside it are bases) that is not your own, the creator of the base will need to add you as a collaborator. More about Airtable’s collaboration features can be seen here:

Thank you Justin! This is just what I was looking for :+1:t3: