Save custom app output as pdf or enable printing

Hi, I’ve created a custom app which uses chart.js and tables to display custom reports on individual records pulling data from linked tables. I am very happy with what has been created but I am unable access these reports outside of the airtable blocks environment.

Is there a way to export this data to pdf or create a print functionality (similar to that which exists in the coding block)?

I’ve tried using react-pdf but I can’t seem to populate the content of the pdf download.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

Follow this example to enable printing.

Thanks @Kamille_Parks I was able to create a print button easily from that example.

I was trying to follow this code example here for pdf creation: vibrant-monad-9jp0e - CodeSandbox

But it looks like constraints within the custom apps environment prevent me from using it, namely those described here:

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