Save form for completion later: possible?


I need to build an event registration system. Only I and a colleague will be able to get into the base and view all the data. But we need to put a form online that people who want to register can go to and complete. I’ve tested this already and it works great — with one problem. Our forms may become long enough that they can’t always be completed in a single session.

We’ve done this in the past with the PHP powered site that we’re trying to replace. When users first come to the site, they get a token that allows them to come back later, find the record that they started, and complete the form.

Is something like this possible in Airtable? This seems to be the only thing that might keep us from doing this project in Airtable very successfully…



Hi @WP_Rucksack

This isn’t possible at the moment with Airtable forms but there are other forms apps which do allow this which can be linked to Airtable easily with Zapier.

Depending on where you are, you may need to consider privacy / data protection laws if you do this because the data still has to be stored somewhere…



Is it still not possible to save forms for completion later? Is it something that will be developed in the near future? Does anyone know of a possible workaround or worst case have recommendations for other form apps? Currently using google sheets and not completely satisfied.




I believe wufoo forms + zapier offer a potential solution.