Save Shared Links from Someone Else's Workspace

We use Airtable for our own campaign planning, but also have partners that use Airtable for various other reasons. They don’t have shared workspaces or bases, but they use the “share” link (see 1st screenshot) to provide visibility into certain views.

Screenshot #1:

My question: is there a way for me to save their view somewhere in my Airtable home? I have the view bookmarked in my regular web browser, but it would be awesome if there was a place I could store specific shared views somewhere within my workspaces? I know I could do something with blocks or in a different table or something like that, but it would be great if, just like workspace and block organization, there was also somewhere I could save shared Airtable links (see 2nd screenshot).

Screenshot #2:

Hi @Rachel_Hazen ,

Welcome to the Airtable community! Thanks for posting :slightly_smiling_face:

That is a great question, but there is not currently a way to save share links in your home page like in screenshot #2. But I can definitely see how that would be useful, and I’d be happy to pass it along to our team for future consideration! We’re always looking for ways to improve, and this kind of feedback and context is extremely helpful.

In the meantime, you could use the Description block or create a separate table to store collections of share links as alternatives, like you mentioned in your post.

If I can help with anything else, just let me know!

Thanks @RJ_Powers! I will go the description block-route until there is a better way.

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