Saving a Block Form in Word

Can a form designed in Blocks be saved in Word?

I find it difficult to work within the Blocks template and would like to import or export the document and then work with it in another program.


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Blocks cannot be exported, they can be printed (some directly and some with a screenshot).

If you work with it in another program, it defeats the idea of using a block.


Thanks so much for the response!

The problem is I’m doing it sometimes in another language (right to left) and I want someone to check it for me - to avoid spelling errors. I’d like to send him the document in a format he can use.

Best option would be to send it in PDF then :slight_smile:

Yeah @Mohamed_Swellam is correct.

An alternative solution would be to create a Google doc from a record using Zapier or Integromat, if you really need in an editable format

How would I create a Google doc from an AirTable block designed form?

Yes, as the others have mentioned, if you’re looking to generate a Word .docx file instead of a PDF file from your Airtable data, you would need to use an external platform to do that.

And then you would need to create some sort of an automation in Zapier to get your data from Airtable into that external platform, which would then generate your .docx file for you.

As @andywingrave said above, you could send your data to Google Docs via Zapier.

Although your best bet is probably FormStack Documents (formerly WebMerge) — because they have the built-in ability to easily merge data into a Word template that you pre-design.

They have instructions here for how to create a Word (DOCX) document template on their website.

Then you would use Zapier to send your data from Airtable to FormStack Documents, which would automatically generate your DOCX file there.

Although an even easier & quicker method to do all of this would be to MANUALLY manage all off this yourself. You could simply MANUALLY EXPORT your data out of Airtable as a .CSV file, and then MANUALLY IMPORT that .CSV file into Formstack Documents to create your Word document there!

Hope this helps!

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I also just discovered that DocuPilot is another website that lets you automatically create Word (DOCX) documents as well, and they have Zapier integration as well.

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Docupilot is great - I’ve used it before. Highly recommend.

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Even better, guess what?! The guys at just created a way to do this automatically! Automatically create invoices with line items (or any other documents that you want!) in Docupilot from Airtable — with no Zapier integration necessary! :slight_smile:

This is pretty exciting! :slight_smile:

Check it out here:
PDF Generator for Airtable

Even though it’s called PDF generator, remember that Docupilot can generate Word DOCX files as well!

Hi all,
Thanks for the interest and responses.
I’m feeling rather frustrated by the steps I have to take. I simply want to send the text, from the Blocks Page Designer, to someone else to check the language and make corrections. And since most people work with Word, that would be the easiest.
There are too many steps involved - and its making me frustrated.
Why can’t the program developers allow a Save As feature into Word?
Back to the drawing board…

The new Formstack Documents Block lets you create Word or PDF documents right from within your Airtable database, and then those Word or PDF documents can be automatically added to an attachment field in your table. This looks pretty awesome!

Although it does require a Formstack account, though — which comes with a relatively hefty monthly fee. So it seems like DocuPilot is the much cheaper option.

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