Saving a click when editing record

When editing a record in the popup window, and reaching a field defined as a linked field, there is only one option - “Link to record from X table”

But, often, a new record must be added to Table X to link it to the current record. In that case, we need to click twice - “Link to record…” and then “add new record” in the second popup:

Because of the high frequency with which new records are added like this procedure, we suggest saving the popup and adding another button to the edit window.

So when filling linked field will be to options that the user see:

  • "Link to record… "
  • “Add new record…”

What do you think? For us, it will be nice improvements - fewer clicks and a better user experience.


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Two ideas:

  1. You can hit TAB twice to move your cursor to the “add new record” button, and then hit RETURN to select it.

  2. You can also keep typing your new primary field value until no records show up in your list, and then hit return to create the new record.