Saving individual PDFs from Page Designer Block

Hi there! I am working with a company that is using the Page Designer block in airtable in a unique way. I use it to make individual “profiles” of possible applicants out to my customers.

I do not have a high number of applicants creating profiles (maybe 3-5 a day). So I go through and tweak/edit each individual profile layout on my own. But I run into a problem when I go to save the individual profile that I finished editing as a PDF.

I have certain topics/fields bolded on the airtable block, and when I hit the “present” button it looks exactly the way I want it to.

But when I press print to then save as a PDF, the bolding of all the text boxes that I’ve chosen to be bold, goes away. And I cannot get it to save looking like how it needs to.

I have a windows working on 10, and one of my coworkers has a windows with windows 10, and one has a macbook. The macbook does not have this issue, but the other person with a windows does.

This being fixed for us is paramount to running the business successfully! Please help!

Hi Madelyn,
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I can assist you with the same.
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Maria J