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I’m new to Airtable and I seem not be able to understand how to play with it, that’s why I’m asking for some help.

I built an app for scavenger hunt where the user needs to find some QR Codes around the area. Once found the QR code, they scan it with the app and get some points according to the difficulty.

The app sends and stores immediately the points from a specific user as in one columns I have all users which scans the codes and the other with the points they collected. Something like:
Admin - 30
Admin - 10
User1 - 30
User2 - 10
Admin - 30
User2 - 10
User2 - 10
User1 - 10

What I would like to know is:
-How can I sum up the points done from each user so that I can have some kind of result list?
My idea is to have something like:
Admin 70 points
User1 40 points
User2 30 points

Any help is really appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hey there - Just checking. Do you still need help with this? Not sure if you deleted the original pot or just your follow up.

yes I just deleted some follow up because it turned out, once tested not to be exactly working…
Some help or advice is still greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Ah ok!

Here you go. You want to create a table for the scans, and then roll them up :smile:

Feel free to copy this template:

The totals are in the second tab. Hope it’s clear what I’ve done here

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Is great! thank you very much!
really helpful!
Thanks again

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