Schedule date from a Linked Record

Hello guys!

I’m new here and I’m handling a problem with one of my tables to link with Zapier

I have a schedule tab when a person fill the form, a date filter to “exclude” that date from my available tab. It means, when a person schedule that date, in the {Schedule Date} is a linked record that I can’t get on zapier because it show only the ID record… I need to show the real date, cuz I wanna make a Zap to all the forms I’ll pass to a google sheet.

Sorry if it’s a simples question, but it’s the last thing to end my project.

Hi there!

Zapier will always return the record ID for both linked record fields and lookup fields.

There are two workarounds for this:

  1. Add a formula field which references your date field:

    {Schedule Date}

  2. My preferred workaround: Turn your lookup field into a rollup field. If you’re only pointing it at one date, you can use the aggregate function:


Zapier should now return the new formula field or rollup field as a date rather than the record ID. :slight_smile: