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I’ve built a cryptocurrency portfolio app that uses an automation as follows: The trigger is a “At a scheduled time” set to once every 15 minutes. The Action is “Run a script”. The script fetches Cryptocurrency prices, converts them to £GBP and then writes them to a table for inclusion in some formulas.

When I share this base, the automation is not shared, I must provide setup instructions to the recipient so that they recreate the automation. This is true even if the base has been copied to a Workspace with a Pro plan.

I see that recently, the scripting App has become free to all users so wonder if I can remove the Automation but replace it with a Script App that will be able to trigger on a schedule, programatically.

Is this feasible? Does anyone have any experience, advice or suggestions for a better solution?

I can see similar questions were asked in this category but well over a year ago.

Many, many thanks

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It looks like when a base is copied from a base share link. the automations are not copied. However, when a base is duplicated, automations are copied, but are turned off. You may want a different workflow where you make people read-only collaborators to the base and have them duplicate the base.

Scripting App cannot be run automatically. Scripts in Scripting app must always be triggered manually with a button click (either in the app itself, or in a button field that calls the script).

Scripting Actions in automations remains a paid feature, even while Scripting App is free.


Thank you for the fast and helpful reply. :pray:

I’m selling a copy of the base via Gumroad (Purchasers receive a link to the base) which works great with the base sharing feature as instant access is assured. However, I accept sharing a link is open to abuse; it’s easily, freely shared by the recipient.

To maintain instant access for a recipient, I would want to programmatically add collaborators as you suggest, but suspect that would bell not be possible.

Do you know if there’s a better way for me to approach selling a base with regards to distribution (so users won’t have to manually add an automation)?

Thank you.

Are you selling a link to the shared version of the base? You can also sell a link that lets users become read-only collaborators, without manual intervention. The link that you currently provide is just as open to abuse as any other link. Plus, once the recipient has a copy of your base, the recipient can freely share that base without your knowledge.

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Thank you

I’ve stopped the Share link and added a Base collaborator link (Invite by link) to the base now. The automation is now provided to the base collaborator which solves my original issue. However, the collaborator link can still be freely shared but I do have the option of reconciling the email of the purchaser with the email of the collaborator. This isn’t a great solution as a ‘fraudulent’ collaborator can duplicate the base before I have time to remove them.

I’m pleased to be able to solve the automation sharing and am very grateful for you help.


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