Scoring and Reviewing Entries for Scholarship


Looking to set up a scholarship application through Airtable. I am new to the platform and was wondering if there was a way to set up an application and then a subsequent review process for the entries with the ability to score each entry.

Any suggestions?



Here’s a very general overview of some Airtable functionality that you could use:

You could have a ‘base’ (one Airtable database) with the following:

  1. A table which holds all entries
  2. A form with a public link you provide for applicants which, when they visit the link and enter data into the form, inputs their entries into the table
  3. Review ‘fields’ (columns in Airtable) which would enable you to score/judge the entries as you see fit
  4. Aggregation functions/formulas to rank entries / filter out the highest / group entries / etc.

Hope this helps!


That is helpful! Thank you!

Are there any integrations that would allow me to e-mail several form entries to an individual and have them review the entries by submitting another form? I wasn’t sure if two sheets could work off of each other…


Hmm. You could add people with editing permissions to the base so they could review entries and be notified when they are added to a ‘record’ (or an entry) for review. But if you wanted to limit their interactions with the data things get tricky. At this time Airtable doesn’t have granular permissions for specific views/tables/etc. so if you give editor permissions to someone they can edit anything.

You could create a ‘view’ of the entries table that they could work in which would show the items specific to what they need to review, but they could also see and edit other areas of the base (but changes are tracked in Airtable).

Airtable has some functionality to email records, but not whole chunks of records per say (that I know of). If you used Zapier you may be able to integrate it with Airtable to send email notifications but that’s where my knowledge tapers off, sorry!

Also, no, there is no way I know of to get a new form with the ‘to-review’ entries. They would have to review them in Airtable.



If by this you mean that you want reviewers to be able to assess the entries and submit their assessments then there are some work arounds (I am assuming that you don’t intend to have them as paid Airtable users?). Here’s a possible scenario:

  1. Create a formula field in the applications table which calculates a URL to an Airtable form for another table (say called Reviews) which would have a link to Applications. This means you can create new records in the Reviews table linked to the Applications table and use Rollup and / or Lookup fields to bring data into the Applications table. The formula would be something like:


Here the first part of the hyperlink is the address of the form which you get from Airtable and the rest is all about pre-filling fields (read about this here).

  1. Create a view of applications for each reviewer (filtered by their name which you could enter) and Share this view with them so that they can see all the applications they need to review.

  2. This view will include the hyperlink field calculated as shown and should fill in the link field and any others you want such as the reviewer.

Note you could make the shared view filter in such a way that the applications are filtered out when they have completed the review.

Difficult to explain this in a short space of time but I hope this helps!


Thank you, Julian.

I think I understand the concept, but I’m not sure if I know how to implement your suggested solution yet. I will continue to work on figuring it out, thanks!