Script as client-facing page?

Hi all, after some research I have found the solution to my needs via @Kamille_Parks’ no conflict airtable script. However, I would like to show the executing script as a client-facing page (the same way we would use a basic form) without having to show the database. Is there a way to do that?

*see on the screenshot, the script portion.

No, the only way to run a Scripting Extension is with a collaborator in the native Airtable interface.


Disclaimer: No promises

I’m considering making a public-facing version of the script using No idea if I can share it as template if I’m done, or if I’m even going to finish it. Either I’ll showcase it the next episode of BuiltOnAir liveshow, or not at all

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So it is possible to convert the script into something public facing using ReTool.

I will not be re-releasing the script or doing any free or paid consulting work to translate these or other scripts into a ReTool project

But you can watch this segment of the Podcast (BuiltOnAir S12 E04) where I show what’s possible.