Script block copy button?

i can see and press the copy button for the examples where is the paste button and where do you paste what you have copied???

Welcome to the community, @Andrew_Gold!

You paste it immediately above the examples, in the code area that starts off with this default code:

output.markdown('# Hello, world!');
let name = await input.textAsync('What is your name?');
output.text('Welcome to the scripting block, ${name}.\');

Just erase that default code, and paste your new code there.

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thanks for the speedy response, there is no paste button that i can see and nothing appears when i do a right click so i am still stuck, i managed to clear the text in the upper box and there is just the number 1 showing in it now, i must be doing something wrong still

I have no idea why they have a copy button but not a paste button, but you would just need to press command-V (or control-V) on your keyboard to paste. (Just like you would normally copy & paste in any other application.)

Right-clicking and choosing “paste” should also work, but I can’t get that to work, so that’s probably a bug in Airtable. It lets me see the word “paste”, but it doesn’t do anything.

So just use command-V (or control-V) for now.

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ok scott thank you, good old keyboard, its like been back in the 80s why the mouse was ever invented i have never grasped, regards Andrew :slight_smile: :grinning:

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Lol, exactly! :joy: There is lots of going back to the 80’s with Airtable. :wink: Hope this helped you! If I answered your question, could you please mark my comment above as the solution to your question? This will help other people who have a similar question. If not, please let me know what else you need help with! :slight_smile:

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Sorry scott ctrl v does nothing to, if i had my ZX 81 i would have nailed this easy

Hmm, not sure. It’s working for me! Although I’m on a Mac and I’m using command-V. I’m assuming that you’re first clicking into the line where you want the code to be pasted? Like, you can already see the cursor blinking before you try to paste?

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I got it now, its a bit slow or im to fast like my ZX 81, thanks again, its been a while since i done programming, regards Andrew

You’re welcome! You’ll see a little “solution” checkbox next to my replies above. if you don’t mind, could you check that checkbox for whichever reply helped you out the most? :slight_smile:

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Thanks again i gave you the thumbs up, just another quick query if i can, where do i find the block maker tool,i done the register bit, am i waiting on a email link to be sent to me, Regards Andrew

Oh, thank you! I actually meant for you to click on the “Solution” checkbox instead of the “thumbs up”. :slight_smile:

Regarding your other question, I’m not sure about that — you may want to post your question in this thread, which seems to be actively monitored by Airtable employees.

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Oh no, i will click it if i can see it :), but i cant ???

Oh, that’s so weird!!! I don’t know why!! Thank you for trying, anyways!

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