Script for creating default checkbox list values in long text field

Hi could anyone help me with the script to automatically populate a rich formatted long text field with checkboxes any time a new record is created? Haven’t been able to find anything else in the community


Can you be more specific?

  • A new record that is linked to this RecordWithRichText, or a new record in a particular table, or a new record in any table?
  • Is this supposed to happen automatically or manually?
  • When you say populate with checkboxes do you mean “Add pre-defined checkbox items to that field” or “fill in the checkbox next to a particular checkbox item already in the field”?

Thanks very much Kamille -

  1. I want all this to occur in 1 particular field in 1 particular table;
  2. Automatically on new record creation
  3. Adds pre-defined checkbox items to that field

Okay, make an Automation that runs when a record is created in that table. Add an “update record” step that uses the record ID from the trigger record. In your rich text field add your pre-defined checkbox items like this:

[x] This item will already be marked complete
[ ] This item will be not be marked complete
[ ] Another checklist item
[ ] Yet another item

That is much more straightforward - thanks a lot

Glad it helped. Please go ahead and mark my previous reply as the solution to close out this topic.

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