Script to open a specific URL and click a button


I am looking to create a script triggered when a condition is met that opens a static URL and Clicks a Button - or any process that would accomplish the same.

My Problem
I am using Stacker as for my web-app and Airtable (AT) as my DB. When a field is updated in Stacker, the data is being sent to AT, triggering an AT automation that updates other fields within the same record however, AT is sending a RESULT back to Stacker before the AT Automation is complete.

This means the data being displayed to my users is inaccurate and the app not usuable unless I find a workaround. I have contacted Stacker, but they are not able to provide a solution - so, I’m now asking here.

My Solution
Have a script triggered using a field affected by the automation that opens the Airtable update page in Stacker and presses the “Start Update” button. While this would require my users to refresh the page to see the updated info, its the best solution I can come up with until I can move away from Stacker.

I’m using Firefox as my browser and I’m familiar with how to set the script to execute when a condition is met; I just need help with the actual script.

Can anyone help me to accomplish my objective?

Thanks in advance!

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