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A major limitation of Airtable currently is the ability to generate useful notification emails. Looking though the list of scripts on “Built On Air”, I don’t see any scripts that send emails. Have any scripts been written related to sending notification emails? Is that possible?

Thank you!
Paul Warren

Since scripts only run when the user presses the “run” button, Scripting block isn’t useful sending notifications.

If you want to send notifications automatically, you are better off using a third party integration like Zapier or Integromat for now.

If this answers your question, please mark this post as the solution. Otherwise, could you please give a bit more details?

@kuovonne’s approach using one of the glue-factories works and there are other ways as well.

I have three clients running Script Block processes that leverage Gmail accounts. It requires that you create a servlet in Google Apps Script (in the Gmail account where you want to send emails from) and an HTTP POST from the Script Block to the servlet. Lastly, a simple script in Google Apps Script that listens for the HTTP POSTS from the Script Block and transforms the payload into an email message and sends it.

Whew! Zapier might be a whole lot easier, but if you need a custom process that you own, can brand, and control the data flow - Google Apps Script is one pathway.

Thank you both! I figured that was the case, notifications are a mission-critical element for us right now, but has been a buzz-word at times. I just wanted to be read with an answer when someone asks “Can you…” Too often my answer is “Probably, somehow, with time…”, haha.

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