Scripts for Airtable: add alerts, reports, integrations to bases


Hey Paul - the extension is loading up great now! I plan to use this for crypto and as such have changed the ‘function’ to the crypto reference provided by Alpha Vantage. I’m currently receiving the following error, I wonder if you are able to help me? (I also receive this error whilst trying to run the template script).

Pastebin of error

I’m not a dev and only have limited coding knowledge but it looks like it’s having trouble finding the table to pull the data into? Any help would be appreciated!



Oliver Robson

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Strange. It’s not identifying the current table in the base. What happens if you refresh the airtable page, then click the leaf again?


Hey Paul,

I just installed blockspring but the greenleaf does not appear on airtable whereas it’s working on trello. I restarted but still nothing. I certainly missed something. Do you have any idea?


Charley Damont


Can you try refreshing?


Can I ask how ‘real’ a product is Blockspring? It’s quite an interesting approach, and I can see some immediate uses for it — but your community pages are dead, there are no live links to press coverage, the most recent blog entry was posted August 2016, and there’s nothing I can find identifying who the people or companies are behind Blockspring.

I would be greatly interested in trying to incorporate it into my solutions — if it was definitely going to be around. (I am much heartened by there being a recent update on github, but that’s not the same as having a fully committed line of business in place to support and promote Blockspring.


Ok Paul it’s working, thanks!
I feel a bit stupid.


I guess that someone edited the site config to remove dates from blog entries is something of tacit proof the site and product aren’t dead. :wink: Not sure I’d build it into a client solution, yet, but maybe I’ll play around with it some on my own time.