Scroll horizontally with mouse wheel

Activate an option to scroll horizontally with the mouse wheel.

Useful on table view when having lots of fields.

You can do that by holding down shift while moving your scroll on your mouse. However it has a bug since recently and it is definitely Airtable related. Whenever you scroll horizontally and stop it will move one row up or down depending on which way your wheel was scrolling. It is a bit annoying and makes horizontal scroll unusable for more detailed jobs.


Wow I didn’t know that! I’ll try it and give you feedback on that bug.

Thanks so much

Thanks for sharing that tip! I don’t have the buggy behavior you mention, though, in both the desktop and web versions on my Mac. Everything stops as it should, no moving of rows. What OS are you on?

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I’ve tried it on Windows 10 and both firefox and chrome. Tried it with a couple of different brand mouses, both some high end and simple ones. It happens all the time. Also tried it on 3-4 different PCs all with windows 10.

The weird thing is that we were using Shift+Scroll for months before this started to appear out of a sudden. I thought of the possibility that some windows update caused it, but it does not happen in any other app than Airtable.

Can anyone with windows 10 please try and confirm?

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Totally agree, I’m hoping Airtable find the bug, this was for me a vital feature to explore tables…

I run Win10 and have the same behaviour, on different PCs and with different mouses.
My solution temporarily is to use the trackpad for horizontal moving. I’m really hoping they can make it soon, used the shift+wheel trick for at least one year :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you guys for letting us know. I am not sure how we should bring this up to their attention so they can fix it. It is most probably something quick and easy.