Scrolling bug on mac desktop

There’s a bug in the Mac version of the desktop app where if you are dragging a scrollbar (horizontal or vertical) and the cursor moves outside of the app window, the scrolling stops. Then, when the cursor hovers back over the app, the scrolling continues, even if the mouse button is not down. It’s a jarring experience. Here is how to recreate:

  1. Desktop app is open and in focus the entire time. It’s helpful to decrease the size of the window so it is not full width/height of the screen.
  2. Click and hold scrollbar to drag. While you’re dragging, move the cursor outside of the boundaries of the app window. Scrolling should stop.
  3. Release mouse button.
  4. Move cursor back into the boundaries of the app window. Scrolling will continue based on mouse y-coordinates. You have to click anywhere to stop the scrolling.

Compare to other apps (e.g.: Chrome) to see how this behavior is broken.

I’m not using Apple’s mouse so don’t have touch or horizontal scrolling built-in. So clicking and dragging is the only way to scroll, especially horizontally and because there’s no track behind the scroll bar.

Would love it if this was fixed. I def use Airtable less because it’s so difficult to view large tables because of this issue. Happy to provide any more details if that’s helpful.




Hello @Dwight ,

Welcome to the community! You can find our guidleines and FAQ’s here.

Someone else may be experiencing similar difficulties, so I’d like to elevate this. Thanks for all the details you provided! That will make it easier for our internal team to troubleshoot this potential bug.

Thanks and have a great day!


If your data is not highly sensitive, would you mind temporarily adding as a creator-level collaborator to the base so we can take a closer look?

Because we value user privacy, Airtable support is unable to access your base without being given access. We’ll be sure to remove ourselves as collaborators as soon as the issue is resolved.


Added as commenter. Let me know if that will suffice!

If someone on the team needs a higher permission-level, I’ll send them to you directly. :wink:


Thanks for your help in uncovering this! Our team has is looking into the issue, and may ask for your help again if any additional questions come up. We’ll be sure to let you know once we have some new insights, but in the meantime, let us know if this gives you any other trouble (or if there’s anything else we can help with)!

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For what it’s worth, I have been experiencing something similar in the past few weeks; I use the Airtable app on a MacBook Pro and a Kensington trackball… I was blaming the trackball, but now I see it might be the app itself. If you need more details on my set-up, let me know!

(I just tried to replicate the sequence that Dwight described, but for me, the unwanted auto-scrolling only started after I clicked on one of the base’s fields. Then, as he says, the auto-scrolling starts up, tracking the movement of my cursor, even though I haven’t clicked any of the buttons on the trackball. Help!)

I’m experiencing the same thing using the Windows 10 app. It happens frequently, but sporadic.
Very annoying. Hopefully a resolution can be determined.

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I have the same problem in chrome, edge or firefox, every 30 seconds the page auto scrolls towards the beginning of the table in the grid view, it is very annoying I am about to stop using airtables …

Has this issue been addressed? I’m having the horizontal scrolling issue @Dwight described. Really disruptive in my workflow!

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I’m having the same issue. Really slows me down, and makes my user experience meh. Thanks

This is still happening for me… has someone found a solution? I want to upgrade but cannot use Airtable if this Chrome bug is still not fixed

Found the Fix for my scrolling issue on Mac Desktop. I’m running OSX.9.5 & Firefox Version 78.10. I could not scroll at an airtable ‘table.’ But, once inside the record, no problem scrolling.

After numerous days of research I don’t think it is a mac or airtabe issue. I’d suggest trying this for any browser you use that has a scrolling issue: disable all the extensions. Try airtable. If it works correctly turn each extension on - one at a time - try airtable again. Do this til you find out the culprit extension causing the problem so you can keep it turned off. Could also launch the browser in ‘safe mode’ (which turns all the bells & whistles off). Two good websites for safe mode & extensions…How to disable or remove browser extensions
How to Open a Browser in Safe Mode Good Luck - Kay

Is this scrolling bug still happening for anybody on the Mac desktop app? When I drag the horizontal scroll bar all the way to the left or right, then release and move the mouse back in the opposite direction, it starts scrolling again, even though I’ve released the mouse. This only happens on the Mac desktop app, not on the browser app. Happens on several different Macs, so it’s not isolated to any one machine.

This was fixed months ago.

Problem is still happening here unfortunately. Mac desktop app only. I’m on the latest version of everything…

I tried the desktop app when I first signed up a couple of months ago and immediately noticed the scrolling problem. I gave up on using the desktop app and only use online version. I would use the desktop app if it worked properly.

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