Scrolling issue

I’ve been using Airtable for several years with no problem. But in the last month or so, when I’m viewing my bases and I scroll up and down, the scrolling is super glitchy. It will either slow waaaay down or freeze completely. When it freezes, once it starts functioning properly, it will shoot me up/down really rapidly. I usually filter as Posts by Platform, but even if I filter it differently, I still have the same prob. I’m not having scrolling issues with anything else on my computer, so it can’t be a mouse battery issue or anything like that. Thoughts?


Hello @Decker_Moss ,

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Someone else posted about this recently and I’d like to elevate this to our bug tracking. You can find that post here. Do you use a Mac as well?

Please send any screenshots or other details that could help us in troubleshooting this potential bug. Thanks!


If your data is not highly sensitive, would you mind temporarily adding as a creator-level collaborator to the base so we can take a closer look?

Because we value user privacy, Airtable support is unable to access your base without being given access. We’ll be sure to remove ourselves as collaborators as soon as the issue is resolved.


Hi, Adam. I’m on a PC, not a Mac and I access Airtable on desktop from the web, not the app. I did download the app but the same scrolling issue still exists. One interesting thing tho: When I use Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome, the prob
seems to disappear. So maybe it’s a Chrome thing??

I’m not able to give you access to the bases because they’re controlled by my client, so hopefully we can find a solution without that. Thanks in advance for the help!



Would you mind shooting us an email at

You can copy and paste much of what you have written here in your support ticket. This way we can formally look into this issue. A colleague of mine will be looking for your submission.


I have a similar problem. When working or scrolling down in a table, every 10-20 seconds or so Airtable pings me back to the top of the table, making the product almost impossible to use. I’ve checked and it only happens in Chrome, not in, say, Firefox. But I use a Chromebook so this is a big problem. I’ve opened a support query but the guys don’t seem to have an idea. I’ve sent a screen grab of it happening and they seem pretty unsure of how to resolve.


I agree. On a chromebook and scrolling using the mouse wheel often brings me all the way back up again. However scrolling by using keyboard or by dragging the scrollbar work fine.

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Yes, this is exactly the problem I am having. It’s so frustrating trying to do anything lower in the base. I’m on a PC laptop, using a chrome browser.

Ditto. I have two clients who have mentioned this issue and both using Chrome and they cannot replicate the issue in FireFox.

I am having the same issue using chrome, on multiple laptops I’ve experienced this. I scroll down and it shoots back up to the top… it’s really making the app nearly unusable.

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Triple-ditto. Scrolling issue occurs on PC/Chrome but works properly on Firefox. Please fix! Thanks.

I replied earlier with the same problem, but Airtable took my post down. It said that I’ve had a support ticket open with them for weeks on this; they say they don’t know what the issue is and seem to have given up on a fix.

Hi all,

So sorry if you’re experiencing this issue. To help our engineering team can further investigate, please write in to and we can update you when a fix has been released.