Search and extract six digit number from cell


Hi! I’m new to Airtable, with some Excel, Google spreadsheet, and formula-writing know-how. I have a cell that contains multiple job numbers, file sizes, other data. See below in A1. I’d like to be able to write a formula in B1 that would search, extract, and list ALL six digit numbers (starting with 1 or 2 would be also be a plus), which would then be separated by commas.

I think with a variety of IF, MID, and SEARCH statements, I could maybe solve it if I could express the digit length, the 1-2 start digit, and return any 6-digit strings that match parameters. However, there would be a different amount of six digit numbers extracted from each cell, which I realize could be problematic.

Any indication on how to solve would be so appreciated! I have about six hundred records and extracting and listing by hand would be time consuming.

1.0T 150507_ClientName
2.0T 150607_ClientName

Example B1 Formula Result
150507, 150607