Search Base Content Text


Tell me it ain’t so… When I’m searching on Airtable homescreen, it will only show results from a Base’s text, which is so limiting. How can I do a global search of content text? Or does it not yet exist?


I don’t think this exists yet. You can search the content of a base from within that base, but you can’t search the content of ALL your bases from the home screen.


In this world of Google Sheets and Evernote, having global search for a database is kind of a given these days.


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ … sorry?


Are you an Airtable dev? No need to be “sorry”, but hopefully it’s feedback that will lead to a new feature in the pipeline.


No, I’m not with Airtable - just a guy trying to be helpful on the forums.

If you want it to be a feature request, I’d suggest making a post in the #feature-requests section of the forums. I don’t think Airtable reps pay much attention to the #support portion of the forum, which is why they renamed it to “Ask the community”, to emphasize that it’s community members helping each other, not tech support from Airtable.


Understood. Will do that, thanks! :+1:t2: