Search for data using filterByFormula



I have a table with a column called Last Name. I want to search for all rows which the last name, for example, contains riva. Then it would have to return rows for the last names Trivax and Trivedi for example.

I use the following cURL command:

curl "'SEARCH('riva', {Last Name})'" -H "Authorization: Bearer MyAPIKey"

But it doesn’t work. I also have tried replacing { and } and space with proper url encoding, but still no luck. Any suggestion how the cURL command for this should be written?



The field type of “last name” should be of type “single line text” or “Long text”.
Have you tried using the formula directly in your base, by creating a test field?
Does it work fine then, or are you getting an error?

Also the “{” and “}” symbol also has to be URL encoded.
So it would look something like