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Looking to use the FIND function for a column and return a result in Zapier.

My column ‘Name’ contains an entry 'Data’

I want to return a result, even when a partial match exists for 'the data’

I’ve got FIND("the data", LOWER({Name}) & "") but this returns nothing.

Is there something along the lines of an ‘If Contains’ formula that I can apply to Zapier via an Airtable formula?

I appreciate that this might mean entries with “the” would be considered e.g. ‘the number’ but thought there must be a way to find the closest match?

If you’re looking for the word “data” somewhere in a field, why not remove “the” from the FIND() formula and look only for “data”? That way you’ll pick up anywhere where that word occurs, regardless of what else might be in the string.


Having said that, FIND() on its own will return where in the string the found word starts. So if the string read “the data”, this formula on its own will return “5” (ie. where in the string the word “data” starts).

You could combine this instead with IF() to return something else. For example:


This would instead return the word “Match” in the formula field if it finds the word “data”.

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