Search history of multiple records

We have a large database with hundreds of records tracking IT equipment. I want to be able to find if person X used to have a monitor. They may have returned it and as we are tracking the equipment by serial (not the person). That monitor has now be redeployed to someone else so the current user field has changed. So if I search for person X nothing comes up. However, in one of the records, in the history, will be a record of that person’s name. But I do not know what record. How can I tell the search to dig deeper than what is currently shown?

As far as I know, you can’t search the activity history.

So you would need to redesign the structure of your database. You would need to create another table which keeps track of the entire activity history for each piece of equipment. And you would link your equipment to this activity history table.

Thanks for this. Seems like it would be a useful thing to be able to do as all the data is right there.
For now we will just remember to fill in a field for previous user.

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