Search Linked Field other than on primary key

I have a table with a linked field to another table.

The linked field refers back to the primary key of the table I am linking back to (eg a unique project number) but that is just numbers and it doesn’t mean anything to most users when searching.

Is there any way I can have the linked field search for the name of the project rather than typing in the unique primary key to the record I want to link back to?

I have added a lookup field but this only pulls in the project name field once I have linked back using the link field by entering the corresponding unique job number,

It might help to make the Primary field a formula field.

Move your Unique Project Number to a non-primary field. In the Primary field formula, CONCATENATE the Unique Project Number and the Project Field.

You can then search by name.

It’s what I did in this use-case.

I have a Proposals table. It is linked to a Foundations table. The Primary field is a formula field that combines a Date field and the Foundation name. Now, if I’m in the Foundation table, I can search a Proposal by name.

On2Air Amplify can also help with this if you don’t want to change your field type. It has enhanced Search features and filtering.


Thanks for the quick reply and the detailed explanation. This has worked perfectly.
I will also look to give the On2Air a try too.
Thanks again

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You bet! Hope it helps!

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