Search records by (Last Modified Smth)

Hey! I am struggling to search records in integromat. I have a table with field Status and Last Modified Status autofield. When I try to fetch data with integromat with formula everything is ok:

({Last Modified Status})

but when I add condition to the formula:

({Last Modified Status} <= "{{addDays(now; -30)}}")

it fails with:

The formula for filtering records is invalid: Unknown field names: last modified status

I also tried this formula with the same error:

IS_AFTER({Last Modified Status}, "{{addDays(now; -30)}}")

Any ideas how to fix this error?

Hi @devas,

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Try something like

(LAST_MODIFIED_TIME({Status}) <= "{{addDays(now; -30)}}")

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It looks problem is within Integromat formula. When I copy working formula to VS Code, then edit and copy from VS Code to integromat again (even without changes) itt fails with unknown field error.
Anyway, thanks for the help!

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