Search records with Barcode, even when not primary field


The barcode feature in the mobile app is great, however searching for an item to link with barcodes only works on linked items when their primary field is the barcode. Barcodes tend to be nondescript, and it makes little sense that they become the primary field, as they then show up all over the place.
Why don’t the search field search multiple indexes, letting the user specify a “searchable” Boolean on fields other than the primary could work. If a barcode column was searchable you could enable the barcode scanner.


Set the Primary Field to Formula, then add a Field for Barcode (Actual ID) and then include the Barcode and Item Name in the formula for the Primary Field.

I had ran into the same issue where doing searches against Contacts didn’t give me results concerning their Addresses. So now I have a Primary field that includes all of the Contact Information:

(I.e. {Contact Name} & " - " & {Contact Email} & " - " & {Contact Add1} & " - " & {Contact Add2} )

Works like a charm.


Right, that would work if I wanted to manually type in the barcode data in the search field. The point is that I would like to perform searches with the iPhone cam, scanning the barcode. So the request is for letting the barcode scanning icon remain in the search field even when the primary field isn’t a barcode type.
I’m trying to build a convenient equipment lending solution to our university lab, that should work with the inventory labels provided by our technical staff.
In the lending situation the interactions are greatly simplified by adding items to a loan by barcode scanning.
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