Search, view and add data to airtable

Hi all

I am brand new to airtable. I watched some videos and read some. I need to hear from experts if I can use airtable for my project. Here’s what I want to do:

  • Search from a website for a specific entry in the database
  • I dont want the user to see any entries before he searches
  • If the search turns up something, then the option to only view/download the data in Pdf
  • And if its a paying member, the ability to ADD a line of history to the record. Please note, not change the current data but add some more lines to the table.
  • If search turns up nothing, then the user must be able to create an entry(or line) in the table which can then be later updated/added history by other users.
  • All users must have access to all the data but only be able to see what they searched for
  • All approved users must be able to add to the history

Hope you can help or point me in the right direction

Thanks a mil

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