Searching on a list of values


Howdy. I’ve got a list of a few hundred values (they’re email addresses) and I want to be able to filter a table to just show records that have a value in the “email” field that matches those values. I haven’t been able to figure out any way to do that; I can’t go through and manually create a large “OR” filter (that’d take forever), and the Search block doesn’t seem to support any kind of OR syntax either. I tried creating a second table that just has the values I’m searching on in a single column, but I can’t find a way to create a formula in my main table that’ll do the equivalent of a VLOOKUP on that. What can I do?


Are you trying to filter them by Domain? (,, etc.)

If so, you could try creating a field that extracts just the domain from the email address:

RIGHT({Email Address}, LEN({Email Address}) - FIND("@", {Email Address}))

That should leave you with just the top level domain of each email address in its own field, and then you could try grouping by that field to group together all email addresses from the same TLD.

Dunno if that helps or not…


Hi @Ian_Varley

I think this would be best handled by a 3 table solution:

Hopefully you can follow what’s going on - it generalises the issue to allow for searching multiple lists but if you only have one that’s just fine. The last part, the formula for the In List field is:


I hope this helps (I may have misunderstood)!


Thanks, Julian - that’s exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! It feels a bit convoluted (compared to just having a VLOOKUP function natively), but worked out well. Thanks again!