Searching specific relations in a db

Hello! I am new airtable user and going through the support videos now, can you please help me with my db.
My problem:
I have created a product guide.
There are 5 tables currently, 3 imp ones are company, products, product subtype and each table has a primary and foreign key. Some tables have multiple foreign keys.
I want to create an output block ( not sure what to call it) where the user has to answer 3 questions about the 3 tables ( preferably from a drop list that shows all values of the table) ex: Q1 What company are you looking for? and Dropdown shows Honda, Toyota Based on the answer from 3 questions, I want to display a specific set of data that is available based on his choices. Ex: If they say Company = Honda, Product = Car, Product_subtype = suv my output should be all Honda suvs and click on that should get them all the specs.
Phew! Long question. Please help!!

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