Second table retrieving information from first table non-first column


“Lookup” allows me to lookup values in the current table. Is there an equivalent to lookup data in another table? In my first table I have: first column is a formula (second column (event_name) & third column (start_date) & fourth column (end_date)). In the second table I want to pull all events in the first table that are upcoming. Right now in the second table, I create a “Link to FirstTable” and in another column I build a “Formula” to parse the information to find the start date, which I then filter.

Is it possible skip the extra work and look up, from the second table, only the events that have an upcoming start date according to the first table? I want to make the second table to be as dynamic as possible.



It doesn’t sound like you need two tables. You may just want one table with all your events, and then create a filtered view where the date of the event is always upcoming. That way you wouldn’t need to link anything.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. In your first table, create a formula column called “Status”, or something similar, with a formula like IF(IS_BEFORE({end_date},TODAY()),"Commenced",IF(IS_BEFORE({start_date},TODAY()),"Happening Now", "Upcoming"))
  2. Create a new view and add a filter for [Status does not contain “Commenced”]


Thanks, Kamille. I was able to eliminate the second table.