Security - are my personal financial acct usernames and passwords secure in airtable

I want to store my personal financial info in an airtable base. Including links to accounts, usernames and passwords. Will that info be secure?

Hi @Nancy_Ferry, and welcome to the community!

That depends on how you manage access to your base. If you accidentally share it openly, or share it with other users, your info will be at risk. And given the type of info — passwords, links, user names — you are playing with much more than fire.

My advice - don’t do this.

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This is a very, very bad idea. You should use an encrypted program such as 1Password, which is designed to store personal financial info, along with usernames & passwords.

Thanks, Bill.

I am now considering storing financial info in airbase but the usernames and passwords in lastpass. Do you have any experience integrating the two?

Hi Scott,

What I am developing is a solution I will create for others to put all their financial info in one place. Based on feedback, I am now considering still using airtable all the info except for username and password and linking to lastpass using zapier to store username and password there.

No, but… you’d have to describe what such an integration would mean for the user’s experience.

LastPass and others like it are intentionally disintegrated for security purposes; they need to remain independent for a variety of reasons. I think LastPass has handled that part for you because in any given security context (which LastPass is designed to recognize) it should know when to prompt the user for credentials, right?

Another idea to consider is using encryption at the record and field level. This is not easy nor is it simple to implement, but it is possible - example.

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