See the Top 10 bases in Airtable Universe each month

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A little while back I did a show and tell about BuiltOnAir, a podcast and website we created to bring together and highlight people building amazing things with Airtable. Some of you reading this have probably already been featured as a guest on the podcast, a service provider/product maker in the Airtable resources section, or a guest poster on the blog. We plan to keep featuring more in the future, but that’s not why I’m posting this…

Airtable Universe metrics every month?!

One of the most popular aspects of BuiltOnAir has been the Universe Metrics, where we post all the new creators and bases in Airtable Universe each month. We also list the top 10 creators with new followers, and top 10 bases with new copies or likes (screenshot below).

It’s been super fun for us to see what’s happening in Airtable Universe and find all the useful bases shared there each month, and hope it’s a valuable tool for you also!

You can check out the Universe Metrics here. I plan to update or comment on this thread with new metrics each month, so let me know in the comments how you like it :bulb:


As promised, April Monthly Metrics are live and you can see them here.

We also try to do an “editor’s review” of sorts to highlight some of the bases and creators in the Airtable Universe we find in the metrics. You can see the April review here - featuring our very own @W_Vann_Hall! :hugs:

We’ve got the May Airtable Universe metrics up! Check them out here.

The “editor’s review” is live here also. This month features a pretty in-depth base for making skincare products, of all things. Thanks @Filipa_Didier for making it!


Thought I shared this but it didn’t post. :thinking:

Here’s June’s metrics for your enjoyment! Some crazy trends with digital content management going on with the most popular bases last month. We did our review of last month’s metrics for the most interesting finds.

July’s metrics are up! A lot of great creative work going on last month, including bases for everything from tracking a yarn collection to a game of rock, paper scissors built entirely in Airtable. :scissors: @bdelanghe kudos for being featured in our review!

Wow, September already?! Time for another month of Universe metrics I guess :partying_face:

Here are August’s metrics! We also did a concise review of our favorite highlights from last month, if you’d like to check that out here. let me know if you’ve got anything to add, and as always, enjoy!

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It’s spooktober/octoberfest time :fallen_leaf: , and that means September’s metrics are up! Enjoy a few favorites from the metrics here also, and have another great month

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Thanks for putting this together @Nat! Proud to see my two bases featured this month :raised_hands: (Expedia + Design Standup).

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