Seeking Consultant for Printing


I am working on a home manual for my employer. We would like to print all of the records on separate pages. I have tried to extended view to print and it is not exactly what I want. It would be great if empty fields could be hidden and the format of the page could be consolidated or moved around so the whole page could be printed on one page.


What about just extracting it as a CSV, then you could do a merge in a Word document and format it any way you want?



Thank you for the suggestion. I have extracted my airtable as a CSV. I just can’t figure out how to merge it in word. Any advice is greatly appreciated.



Look at the Mailings tab and do a mail merge, or at least make it think you’re doing a mail merge. It should pretty much walk you through the process.
Good luck.


If this is a one off project, I would export CSV and use Adobe InDesigns data merge features. If this is a ongoing or dynamic project I would set up a script on a webpage that would output printable pages per your specifications.

One important point is that if you want conditional formatting, or calculations performed the dynamic route is the way to go.

Regardless, I would need a template or example of what you want the output to look like.

Private message me if you’re interested in moving forward in either direction.


I was able to figure this out.

Thank you!