Seemingly Basic Question


Hello, All. I have been working within Airtable and getting the hang of things but am stuck at one spot that seems somewhat basic to me. I would like to link one field to report across all tables. This would be an address field. We have several tables for different phases of a process and I would like to change the address (or phone number, whatever applicable contact information) in one table and have it transfer to the others. I have played with linking records and wind up with no choices for specific field and instead get new entries into the other table. Where am I going wrong?



You could create Lookup fields to get data from other tables, or maybe you should have the information of all Tables in the same Table, with a Phase field to manage it.


Than you for your input. I have read some airtable guides involving proper structure for our base and it seems that including as much (or all) of our information in one table would be beneficial. We are currently spread between many tables and this is cumbersome. When I try to do a lookup field I cannot specify that I want that field to reference (or be referenced) by the corresponding field that represents the same individual (person) in another table. If I have a person in one phase of our process and they are in Table A, but they also exist in Table B as they are progressing through the process, I would like to be able to change the contact info for that individual in one place and have it change all other occurrences. I hope I am explaiing myself clearly enough.


If you explain your process a bit more we could advice to the best base structure, but at first glance, the same type of elements (let’s call it Projects) should live in the same Table. Then you could have:

  • A Phases field, and change contact information with a Formula field
  • A Phases table, with contact information in Fields (if it depends only on the Phase). You could Lookup it from the Projects table.
  • If for every Project and Phase you set a different Contact, you will need a junction table.

Anyway, if you want to have information of contacts on several Tables, you need to have them in a Contacts table and use Linked Record fields to relate them.