Seems simple - automatically update new records in second table

Hi! I am clearly missing something easy on lookups and linked fields, but I have been googling endlessly so would love some help.

I have a base with a table that has customer info like so:
Customer A, Attribute123, Date Added
Customer B, Attribute123, Date Added

I am trying to use Zapier to trigger an action for all of those records added the prior day, en masse at once (e.g., if Customers A-C all were added on Monday, Tuesday at 9am they would get a message).

My hunch is that if I could create Table 2 that just automatically updates, then I run a zap once a day for all new records in that table, I’m set.

Any ideas or tips? I guess my asks are (1) can I save a view as a dynamically updating new table, or (2) any other ways you’ve seen this work? Thank you!

You will want to use a View for that, not a second table.

Create a view that filters to show only records where the creation date was yesterday. Then tell Zapier to trigger on new records that enter that view. As a safety measure, I’d suggest also creating a checkbox field called “Day-after Email” or something, and have the Zap check that box on a successful run. Then you can also add a filter to that view to remove records from that view once they have been acted on by Zapier.

Makes a ton of sense – thank you! One last question.

Any tips on getting the Zap to check that box? I am going AirTable (new entry in view) -> Text and then if I try to do update record, it doesn’t seem to allow me to say “update the one that just triggered you to start this thing”!?

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Never mind - figured it out on this article -

thank you!

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