Select Shifts (with limits) in Calendar or Form View


Looking to leverage Airtable for a complex volunteer tracking tool.

How can I create “shifts” that volunteers can select in a signup form? Similar to signup or signup genius? Without having to manually enter every available shift as a select option?

Also, need to limit some of those “shifts” to one or two volunteers, so they wouldn’t be an option after they were selected or filled.

This seems like a common issue that someone may have solved already.



BUMP! I’m currently having to use the exact workaround that Brian describes and it is fairly unintuitive from an admin perspective.


Also looking for a way to apply a signup functionality in an Airtable Form. Has anyone found a way to make this work?

Ideally, once a person (or specified number of people) selects a shift from a dropdown, then future people would not be able to sign up for that shift. It seems like this could be linked somehow with a field that indicates the number of available slots. Once that limit is reached one of the options in the dropdown would disappear.