Select the top record on a specific view

Hello, I have already asked a similar question with no success.

I will try to explain a bit better what I am trying to achieve here.

I am building a website where users can send offers/bids for items on Webflow.
I connected Zapier and Airtable to achieve this flow. Everything is ok, the only problem is if someone sends a bid that is lower than the highest bid it will show as the highest.

I managed to see the record I want to be synced to Webflow on my airtable if I multi filter by “bid” (highest first) and “date” (latest first).

The problem is that when I run Zapier, it will transfer all the data from airtable and not only the top one. Here a screenshot to help you understand:

Also, the bids sent are for connected to multiple records on another table, so I would need to select only the top bid for different records.

My question is: How do I select only the highest number and the latest created?

I hope that someone could help me with this or if you have any other different solution I am happy to change my workflow.

Thanks you very much

This is a little bit tricky to setup in Airtable.

First, you’ll need to go to the “Seller Details” table in your Airtable base, and you will need to create a Rollup field which points to your “Created Date” field in your “Artwork Bids” table. Use the rollup formula MAX(values), which will give you the latest bid date for that particular item.

Next, go back into your “Artwork Bids” table, where you will want to create a lookup field that looks up that brand new rollup field that you just created in the “Seller Details” table. So now, for every single record, you will see the newest bid date for that item.

Then, while you are still in the “Artwork Bids” table, you will want to create a formula that compares your new lookup field to the created date, and returns a result to let you know if that is the latest bid for that particular item. So, for example, your formula could look something like this:

IF({Your New Lookup Field}={Created},"Newest Bid","Old Bid")

Then, once you have that formula created, you have a lot of flexibility to do whatever you’d like to do. For example, you could create a new view in your “Artwork Bids” table that filters your records to only show you the records which have the value “Newest Bid” for that formula field.


That’s exactly what I was looking for, and it works perfectly!!!

Thank you so much.

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